Monday, September 27, 2010

Influencing Others Through Text

            Chapter 3 points out that text generates meaning and people are influenced by what those texts mean to them.  The three branches of critical studies are attitude and method, the concern with power, and interventionism. These theories can apply to writing a paper.
            In a paper it’s important to apply attitude in a critical way and is not intended to be hostile. You want to look beneath the surface and give observations that are not obvious so readers can be influenced and informed. It’s also important to use method by asking questions about the topic being studied and evaluates it making sure you can understand the message in its original context. This will help readers understand and appreciate your message. In conclusion, you want to make sure you can answer the “so what” throughout your paper to make sure readers can be influenced.
            Second, is the concern with power by being cautious on disempowering certain individuals or groups. It is important to be careful because people experience power in groups. Groups can be anything from gender, race, class, religion, age, and more. For an example if a women feels disempowered from a statement you make in your paper then all women will feel disempowered. In a good paper you don’t want to single out any groups by disempowering or empowering them. 
            Last, in a paper it is good to intervene or get involved with problems in order to discover different ways to experience the world. So, in a paper you should give the reader choices for different ways of doing things. You want to show the reader how to find meaning and try to inspire or change someone for the better.  An example of this is presenting ways you can help the environment. There are so many choices and things someone can do to help the environment by recycling, saving water and many more. This gives the readers an opportunity to make their own choices.
            A good paper requires a message people can understand and relate too. So, by including all these branches in a paper: attitude/method, concern with power, and interventionism will lead to a successful piece of work.

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