Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Meaning of Rhetoric

            When the word rhetoric comes to mind I think of English. Rhetoric is the use of language to communicate effectively. In the work place and in class it’s important to use good rhetoric. It ‘s essential to have the ability to use effective language if you want to be taken seriously and professionally by your peers.  In a way rhetoric is also influential.
            Growing up my mom was always strict on how my sister and I answered the phone. If we said, “this is her,” she would tell us to start over and try again. My mom wanted us to practice good rhetoric and by answering the phone and saying “this is she,” was a tool in helping us practice effective communication.
            Persuasion is another word I think of with the term rhetoric. When speaking or even writing you want to persuade the audience that the statements you’re making are true. People use rhetoric when making persuasive speeches. Advertisers use this technique to persuade consumers to purchase their product or use their service. 
            I think that rhetoric is almost like a discipline. Having the ability to communicate well to others makes you disciplined. Rhetoric is the study of how people use language to organize experiences and being able to communicate it to others. When you speak well, you are perceived as a polite and intelligent person. 
            I believe that the word rhetoric is something that everyone needs to use in his or her daily life. Some define rhetoric as a means of obscuring the truth like the media does on a daily basis. But, I don’t think that is an accurate definition of the word at all. I see rhetoric more as an important art or strategy for persuading an audience.

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