Friday, December 3, 2010

Victoria Secret Fashion Show

            I recently watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and first off it was incredible. The shoes were amazing, outfits were edgy and perfect, and the stage was all gold glitter. This show was extraordinary and all the models looked beautiful and didn’t even want to leave the stage.

            This year the runway was filled with a rainbow of models and displayed more faces of color than ever. This year for New York Fashion Week, designers are making an effort on including more ethnic models this season. They want to bring change on the runways, which is just what they needed. This is because of the culture-centered perspective in the fact that they are respective other ethnicities but also using Michelle Obama as a prime influence. The new models of this generation now are a true representation of diversity.

            The Victoria Secret Fashion Show displayed the richness of diverse beauty and didn’t stick to the typical “white model stereotype.” They are not only respecting other cultures but respecting the United States which is a country filled with many diverse cultures.  I loved seeing a change and seeing all kinds of different beauty. They were showing that there is not one type of beauty and beauty can come in all different colors, shapes, and styles.

            However, that’s not the only way Victoria Secret brought diversity to the show. They had Akon performed on the runway before Katy Perry and he seemed to have enjoyed himself. This show opened themselves up to all cultures and races that is something America needed to see and experience. This was a great show and it couldn’t have been any better and I think they nailed it in picking a diverse group of beautiful models.

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