Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Typical American Family

            When you think about a presidential family, do you think they live a normal life in the White House? No, most people know they live by a strict schedule and there is a lot of press involved. Running the United States is a full-time job for any president and it requires a lot of traveling. There is not a lot of time for family and life is far from normal. However, the Obama’s attempt to make life at the White House as normal as he can and even calls it a “nice home office” (Inbar).

            They are representing a new and improved Presidential family. They built a okay ground for the two little girls and even brought in a new edition a dog, Bo. President Obama states that he can have dinner with them, help the girls with homework, and tuck them in at night. Not something most would think a President would have time to do. The Obama’s are making a huge effort to make this as homey and a normal family life for themselves and their two little girls. In the recent ABC interview, Obama talked about how he watches football in the oval office because the little girls were not a fan of sports but that Michelle Obama pops in every once an awhile. They also mentioned that they workout together in the mornings which is interesting how much time the President has to spend time with his family.

            I think this image they have created for the public is not the whole truth behind living the life style of the President’s family. This is because of the visual perspective theory. However, I can’t deny that the family is full of love and close. But is this image of a typical American family becoming an obsession?  In reality, the Obama’s living a very untypical lifestyle but somehow have been successful projecting this image of their family as a normal America family and this has turned into an obsession. They make everything picture perfect for the camera and media but I want to know what is the Obama family really like in this chaotic lifestyle they are living? It’s not all picture perfect like they preach. 

Inbar, Michael. "Obama offers glimpse of White House life." Today. 2 Feb. 2009. Web.

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