Monday, November 29, 2010

Sarah Palin's Reality Show

            Does this reality show help people see her in the Oval Office? The reality shows Sarah as typical American mother but also alluding to her political platform in subtle and not so subtle ways. Palin is becoming the “type” that now represents successful women and successful politics. She is not the typical “wife” you would find from the feminist theory. Palin gets down and dirty on a fishing trip and even clubs a fish to death.
            Sarah Palin is not the typical “hockey mom” but she is a… Giving birth to and raising five children while she has gone on to be Mayor, Governor, and vice presidential candidate of the Republican party earns her the nickname “barracuda” for toughness in athletic competition. She is definitely not the feminist theory stay home mom that only cooks, and cleans. Palin is not redefining the feminist ideal but many say she is “a kind of multi-function iFeminist for the postmodern woman” (Kay). Being the typical stay home mom is irrelevant to Palin but love of family, community, and country is what guides her political career. Palin is a typical concern parent and showed this with daughter Willow, as she would not allow her guy friend to go upstairs. She cares and has concerns for her children like any other American mom but at the same time represents what would have happened to American women without a feminist revolution.
            Feminists are angry and criticize Sarah Palin’s lack of experience as a substitute for their panic over her indifference to feminism. However, Palin is a real and strong women that is highly successful and is at the same time is a mother to her five children. She is the new postmodern women of America.

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