Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Perfect Housewife

           However a perfect woman may seem, on the outside to her neighbors, all women have secrets that are much darker than anyone realizes. Desperate Housewives seems to show women that they are not alone in their struggles. The show presents all the choices that women have to make, whether it is stay-at-home wife or a divorce. Suggesting that we all have to be careful about the choices we make in life as this show portrays the underside of an everyday American dream. The women are empowered, feisty, and sexy as they provide lots of drama for the show. Many women go through some of the things that each of the housewives is going through like wanting the perfect family.
           One of the wives from the show, Bree Van de Camp is the perfect housewife. The way she dresses and how she is always looking her best and there is never a hair that is misplaced. Out of all the wives, Bree is the one that strives for the perfect family. This is hard for her to accomplish because her son is gay, and her daughter gets pregnant. Also, her husband Rex has a heart attack while having an affair with another woman. However, she is able to maintain the perfect wife image while dealing and coping with her family issues. She represents the perfect housewife image but on the inside she is suffering from he choices she made. She is known for her cooking, making her own clothes, and for doing her own gardening, and for reupholstering her own furniture. She’s the perfect wife and mother. Bree Van de Camp, would be put in the category of a cultural feminist perspective. This is the traditional woman that cooks, cleans, sews, and mothering their children. Bree represents the traditional women stereotype and a caricature of Martha Stewart.

            Desperate Housewives portrayed real domestic struggles and relationships between neighbors and lovers. This show paraded women suffering the same torments, affairs and anguish as the characters, suggesting that Housewives were psychotherapy for them. 

Bree van Kamp

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