Friday, November 26, 2010

American's Hate Towards Illegal Immigrants

            Illegal immigration into the United States is substantial in scale and millions live here currently. Sadly, Americans have historically hated immigrants and this is because they believe they are too different in terms of religion and economic status. As a result, American’s believe they do not want to assimilate and become Americans. This is a huge political issue right now as many Border States are making efforts to enact new immigration laws.
Illegal immigrants and legal immigrants have gone through a lot of discrimination and dislike from citizens of the U.S. because of their cultural differences. American’s feel protective over their territory and are cautious of anyone who threatens their culture and heritage. However, the problem that has become a huge issue is the disempowerment of immigrants. They are discriminated because they have crossed illegally even if they are good people trying to live a better life. I found an article about a 24- year-old businesswoman from the Dominican Republic and she gives her testimonial about how since high school she has had limitations. She has struggled through her years being in America and all because she came here illegally.  She should not be punished because of her parent’s decision to bring her to the country illegally. The article also talks about two promising students that are discouraged from advancing to college because of their parents’ decision of bringing them to American the wrong way.
I do not agree with illegal immigrants but I don’t think it is fair that children are being punished because their parents brought them here. I disagree with punishing these women who want to succeed and make a better life for themselves and their family. These woman want to go to school and become something they never could have become in their homeland. This is argument goes along with the Marxist perspective in which “society has power structures that privilege   some groups while placing others in a relatively disadvantaged position” (???).  American’s are disempowering immigrants because they were not privileged enough to be born in America.
This is a huge issue America is dealing with today and I never realized how much American’s have discriminated illegal aliens. To some degree I believe we should be strict and lenient at the same time because some people crossing have good intentions and only want to have a second chance to live happily ever after.

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